If you enjoy drinking different types of beer a few times a week, it can be fun to save the bottle caps from each new brand that you try. Over time, you can accumulate a large number of these caps. While you might currently have them sitting in a drawer, it's worthwhile to consider how you may be able to display them. One option is in a shadow box. Instead of buying a generic shadow box at a home decor store, you can contact a company that produces custom shadow boxes. Here are some design considerations to discuss with the company. 

Neutral Mat Color

While there are all sorts of different colors that might appeal to you when you're considering how the background mat of your custom shadow box could look, there's value in choosing a neutral color. In all likelihood, your bottle cap collection will feature all sorts of different colors. A neutral background mat will help the colors of the caps stand out, rather than blend into the background. Talk to the company about what color options are available, but something such as black or gray can be a good choice.

Custom Lettering

Given that you'll be placing a custom order for this device, it's nice for it to have a personal touch. Think about what lettering might be appropriate. You might want something as simple as a message that represents your collection—for example, "Dave's Beer Bottle Cap Collection." Another idea is to list the year that you started your bottle cap collection—for example, "Est. 2022." You'll typically have the option of having the lettering appear on the background mat or on the front of the glass that covers the shadow box. Be sure to pick a font and a font size that suits you.

Matching Frame

You should also give some thought to how you want the frame around your shadow box to look. Many people favor wooden frames, although you may have other options, such as plastic. Think about where you'll display the shadow box, as this will help you to choose a frame material that will match the area. For example, if you plan to have this piece on the wall of your home bar area and the bar and stools are made of cherry wood, a wooden frame with a cherry finish can be a good option.

Contact a local service that makes custom shadow boxes to learn more.