Low water pressure is an annoying problem because you may need a forceful stream of water for showering or rinsing dishes. Low pressure can also indicate a serious problem with your plumbing, such as a water leak that needs to be repaired promptly. It's a good idea to call in a plumber to find out why your water pressure is low and to repair the problem. Here are the plumbing services you might need.

Replace The Pressure Regulator Valve

The pressure regulator valve regulates the pressure of the water as it leaves your water main and enters your house. The valve keeps the pressure from being too high or too low in your entire house. If you live in an old home, your plumbing may not have one of these valves. In that case, your plumber may want to install one.

If your plumbing has a valve and your water pressure is low, the valve might be broken. The plumber can test the valve and replace it if it's bad. If the valve is working and adjusting it doesn't help the pressure, then the plumber has to look for another cause of your water pressure problem.

Open the Main Valve

You might want to check the main water valve on your plumbing before you call a plumber for help. If the valve has been turned toward the off position, there may not be enough water flowing through to make the right amount of pressure.

This is a simple problem to fix since all you have to do is open the valve all the way and more water will flow through your pipes and water pressure will increase.

Repair A Pipe Leak

A pipe leak is one of the more serious problems to have since a leak can cost a lot of money. It may cause water damage to your house that has to be repaired, the leak will drive up your water bill, and a pipe leak is often expensive to repair.

The plumber has to find the leak first and this might involve plumbing services such as leak detection and digging up buried pipes. Plumbing pipes can be patched or replaced as needed, but one thing you'll want to know is if the pipe failed due to old age. If so, there may be more plumbing emergencies in your future unless you have all your other pipes replaced too.

Flush The Water Heater

If the cold water lines have normal pressure but the hot water lines have low pressure, the issue could be in the water heater. It might have mineral and sediment buildup in the tank. The plumber can fix this problem by flushing out the tank so water flows through the tank and water lines freely. This should increase water pressure too.

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