If you're already a long-distance truck driver, you may want to make a change and start working closer to home where you can be home daily. If you're at the point where you're wondering if you should make the switch to a local trucking job that will have you going home daily, then read this article. It can give you an even better picture of how great it could be to have a local trucking job. Here is more on this for you to go over and think about.

You can have a regular schedule

Something a lot of truck drivers like about driving a truck locally is it allows them to have more of a regular schedule. While there might be some changes in the hours you are driving, driving locally is going to be the closest you can come to a regular schedule with more free time for things you enjoy. 

You get to be home more

One of the biggest problems long-haul truck drivers face is spending a lot of time away from home. In fact, they can go weeks at a time without getting home to see their families. If you are currently a long-haul truck driver, then you may also find it difficult to accept those long periods away from home. If you were to switch to a local trucking job, then you would be able to get home daily. Not only will you enjoy this, but your entire family will also be glad they get to spend all that additional time with you. 

You can enjoy holidays with your loved ones

Long-haul truck drivers often end up spending the holidays eating their holiday meals in a restaurant they find themselves driving by on the way to their next location. Many people find the holidays to be the loneliest days when they aren't able to spend those days with their loved ones. As a local truck driver, you would also get to see more of your family and friends during these special times. 

You can improve your health

Long-haul truck drivers spend a lot of time eating out, including eating at places like truck stops and fast food places. Then, they spend the majority of their time sitting in their rig as they drive to their next destination. This makes it easy for them to gain weight and become unhealthy. As a local truck driver, you would be able to spend more time eating at home. Plus, you would also be able to get in more workout time, and you would spend less time behind the wheel. This will really help you to stay healthier.

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