While you can organize physical security patrols to protect your business out of working hours, you can also use remote solutions. For example, if you hire a remote patrol service, then trained guards will be able to monitor your premises online. They use cameras on your site to run virtual checks.

What are the advantages of using remote patrols?

1. Get Hidden Security Checks

While physical security patrols are definitely a deterrent, they can't always prevent break-ins and burglaries. You have to rely on guards being on-site at the right time to catch or scare away offenders. The problem is, experienced criminals can sometimes avoid timed patrols.

For example, if your security patrols do a sweep around your premises twice a night at the same time, then burglars might try to gain access outside of these times. Even if your crews stagger patrol times, a burglar could simply hide and wait until a patrol has passed by. They might take a chance that they can break in and get out again before the next patrol comes along.

Remote patrols are all done off your site. So burglars won't know when your security services company runs each check. This increases the risk that they will be caught, at least on camera. Your premises will be less of an easy target.

2. Get Full Patrol Coverage

You might not be able to give security guards full access to your premises when they make patrols. For example, you might be happy to give them gate access to check the exterior of your buildings. However, it might not be practical for them to run a full sweep of key interior areas on every patrol.

If you run remote patrols, then you can choose exactly which areas you want to have checked. As long as you have a camera in the area, your guards can run a remote patrol over it. They can check your grounds, external doors, and key internal areas according to the schedule you set. This allows you to have more security coverage.

3. Reduce Patrol Costs

Physical security patrols have set costs. You effectively pay for the guards, the vehicle, and the time they spend on your site. The more patrols you have, the higher your costs will be.

Remote patrols are typically more cost-effective. Once your security company hooks up to your camera system, they are good to go. A trained guard can run the patrols you book from the security service's location. Your costs reduce because the company doesn't have to send out vehicles or pay for multiple guards to physically turn up at your premises.

To learn more about remote patrols, contact security services specialists near you.