Security personnel and law enforcement officers typically wear duty belts while they are working. These belts are designed to keep all of the tools a safety professional needs accessible at all times.

Unfortunately, wearing a duty belt day after day can create some unforeseen hazards. The addition of specialized suspenders equipped with a belt keeper can help enhance the function and performance of a duty belt.

1. Prevent Tool Damage

The tools that are kept in a duty belt are essential to the work done by security professionals. These tools can include a flashlight, a communication device, and a firearm. If any of these tools were to become dislodged from the belt, they could be damaged beyond use.

Tools can easily become dislodged from an unstable duty belt. Adding a set of suspenders to the belt will help stabilize the duty belt itself, preventing accidental tool damage over time.

2. Improve Safety

Security professionals face threatening situations on a regular basis. The tools that are secured by a duty belt are meant to help security professionals diffuse dangerous situations. If these tools cannot be accessed at a moment's notice, lives could be put in danger.

A duty belt that is not stable can slide and twist when a tool is being pulled from the belt. This movement makes it more difficult to retrieve the right tool, compromising a security professional's response time in a threatening situation.

Since suspenders can stabilize a duty belt, adding suspenders can improve the overall safety of security professionals and the individuals they are tasked with protecting.

3. Avoid Back Strain

Lower back pain is a problem that 31 million Americans cope with each day. Back pain is the number one reason for missed work, making any kind of back pain a threat to the livelihood of a security professional.

The weight of a duty belt can exacerbate existing back problems and create a lot of strain for professionals who may not otherwise experience back problems. The weight of the belt is supported by the hips, which puts a lot of strain on the lower back.

Adding suspenders to a duty belt helps to distribute the weight of the belt across both the hips and shoulders. Spreading the weight out over the upper body can significantly reduce the amount of back strain encountered when wearing a duty belt.

No duty belt should be considered complete with a set of supportive suspenders. Contact a supplier of duty suspenders with D-ring belt keepers to learn more.