If you're thinking about custom-framed pieces to display in your home, you might initially consider things that you'll hang in your living room and master bedroom. It's worthwhile to consider other rooms, however, including your kitchen. Most kitchens have enough room for a few framed items, and one idea that can be special is to frame a recipe card that has a lot of sentimental value to you. Contact a custom framing professional to discuss this project. Here are some steps that this task will encompass.

Choose Your Recipe

Think about a dish that you have a deep connection with, and then try to track down a recipe card for the dish in question. For example, maybe your grandmother made a specific type of fruit pie that you loved as a kid, or maybe your mother's chicken noodle soup recipe always provided comfort when you were sick as a teenager. Many families have boxes that are filled with recipe cards, so you'll ideally be able to find the original card for the dish in question. You might want to frame the original, but another idea is to take a high-quality color photocopy of the recipe card to be framed instead.

Select A Mat

A big part of custom framing is choosing a mat that will surround your framed piece. The right mat color can be instrumental in highlighting your recipe card. Your custom framer can offer some suggestions. To get the mat right, you'll need to think about the look of your kitchen. Consider the color of the paint on the walls, as well as other elements such as your cupboards and appliances so that you can choose a mat that is complementary to this location. The appearance of the recipe card can also influence what mat you choose. If the card is several decades old and has yellowed to some degree, you'll want a mat that complements this color.

Decide On A Frame

When it comes time to choose a frame, there are a few things to consider. While you'll obviously want a frame that suits the look of the recipe card and the kitchen as a whole, you should note whether the recipe card has writing on both sides. If so, you may want a two-sided frame. These frames are available in many styles and share the common trait of allowing you to see the backside of the framed piece. If you envision occasionally using the recipe card to prepare the dish in question, being able to see the back will be crucial. For more information, contact a custom framing service.