Elevating your culinary masterpieces by placing appetizers or main dishes on top of a padauk platter could turn a family meal into a feast for your in-laws and extended family members. Imagine laying shrimp kabobs, a carved turkey with all of the trimmings, or a beef brisket on top of the slab and then adding some colorful garnishes around the rim of a platter with rich brown or purple tones. Here are a few ways a padauk platter can elevate your holiday meals.

Using A Paudak Platter May Become A Tradition

If you have reserved champagne glasses, fine china, and gold-plated silverware for holiday meals and you are proud of your table decorating abilities for the most part, you may be missing one small detail that will change the course of how you serve your guests. A padauk platter is a wooden serving tool that is noted for its beautiful color patterns, grain marks, and durability.

If your Thanksgiving or Christmas meals usually involve having your family filter into the kitchen to load their plates with turkey, or if you tend to carve meat and then use a nondescript plate to serve the main course, a padauk platter may serve more of a purpose to you and your guests.

A paudak platter that has been coated with linseed oil or a clear varnish will enhance the food spread and will provide a beautiful backdrop for the meat that your guests will be consuming. Pair the platter with your favorite metal spear or knife set, so that guests will be encouraged to select the portions that they are craving.

Cleanup Will Be A Breeze

If you use a roasting pan or a large tray to cook meat in, you are bombarded with greasy drippings, which will likely not be too appealing to your guests. Because you are certain to have leftovers, after preparing a large meal that includes a turkey, a roast, and a variety of side dishes, your paudauk platter will provide the perfect solution to storing extra meat pieces that have already been sliced.

Your platter will be moisture resistant and can withstand fluctuating temperatures. If you have a little bit of turkey left over and do not want to place it back inside of the roasting pan or on the tray that contains drippings, simply use some foil or plastic wrap to cover the meat. Place the platter inside of your refrigerator and the meat that you would like to use for sandwiches or a midnight snack will be preserved.