An astrological consultation can provide you with a lot of information about who you are, why you are the way you are, and what potentially can happen in the future in your life, including in your financial future, your future relations and your future employment. After all, much of this information is written in the stars. When you are going to an astrological consultation it is important to be prepared to answer some key questions. Having the information that the astrologer needs will help ensure your consultation and reading are as accurate as possible. Here is the information an astrologer will need. 

Your Birth Date

One of the first things that an astrologer will ask you when meeting up with you is what your birth date is. Your birth date determines what your sun sign, also known as astrological sign is. Certain signs have personality traits, and these personality traits can help determine who you are and why you are the way they are. These traits can also help determine what jobs you may excel at and what sign your future mate will be. Your sign also can play a role in when things will happen in your life, based the positioning of planets in the future. 

The Exact Time You Were Born

One of the lesser-known bits of information you will need to provide when having an astrological consultation is the exact time you were born. Most experts want to know exactly what time you were born, within a five-minute window. The time you were born affects the ascendant, or your rising sign. The position of the sun when you were born affects your personality, your individuality and even your physical appearance. This information can help an astrologer determine how your personality and individuality play into your sun sign and how they may impact you in the future. 

Honest Answers to the Questions They Ask

The last bit of information that you need to provide during an astrological consultation is an honest answer to the questions they ask. An astrologer is not a psychic. They will ask you questions about the path you are currently on and what your hopes and goals are for the future. They can then predict whether that is a good path or bad path, and when things may happen based on your sun sign and the alignment of the planets. However, if the answers you provide them are not truthful, the information they give you will not be accurate. 

Astrology readings can be eerily accurate. However, in order for your reading to be as true as possible, you have to provide the astrologer with accurate information and answer the questions they are asking you truthfully. All of this will allow them to put together a natal astrology chart that will help you determine when certain things, both positive and negative, may occur in your life. For more information, reach out to services like maralyn burstein astrology.