Graffiti can truly wreck the aura that a business owner is trying to promote and can cause people to hesitate about visiting a particular entity due to them assuming that the owner has no pride in their business if the outside is showing signs of neglect. Don't let spray-painted words and pictures ruin the outside of your novelty shop. Take matters into your own hands to get your shop's exterior back into pristine condition.

How Can Graffiti Be Treated?

Local government members are responsible for removing graffiti from the outside of public buildings, and sole proprietors are responsible for caring for their own properties. There are two main ways to remove signs of graffiti.

One is by using a chemical cleaning agent, a pressure washer, and some scouring tools; the other is by painting over the "homemade artwork." Of course, painting won't actually rid a building of the graffiti, but it will be sufficiently concealed underneath several fresh coats of paint.

Purchase Supplies Or Seek Professional Help

Supplies that are designed for graffiti removal need to be purchased from a supplier. Some products contain chemicals and require the use of harsh abrasives to cut through the paint or markers that were used to create the signage or pictures. Other products contain environmentally-friendly ingredients that will not pollute the air or weaken a building's exterior.

The environmentally-safe products do not contain phosphates and are not always as effective as the other products but should definitely be used if a building is susceptible to damage if chemicals are applied to its exterior. Warm temperatures are needed to effectively remove graffiti. Products won't work as well if they are applied when it is cold outside.

One way to override this stipulation is by using a pressure washer and heated water to saturate the side of your business prior to applying the chemical or non-chemical cleanser. Use a scouring pad or cleaning brush to break down the materials that were used to apply the graffiti to your shop's exterior.

If you are not too confident about the graffiti removal process and fear that you will damage the outside of your building, hire a professional graffiti removal company, such as NYC Power Wash, to assist with restoring your shop's exterior.  

Use Security And Report All Crimes

Adding graffiti to a building is a crime, and it is your duty to prevent anyone from defacing your shop and to report all crimes that do occur. Install security cameras and lighting outside of your business and contact the local authorities if you notice anyone on the premises who is attempting to scrawl words or pictures across your shop's exterior.