Research labs use a variety of powders, suspended solutions, liquids, and crystals to study various substances and analyze them. Purchasing is usually done in bulk and for many different departments at a time. It's easy to overlook particular issues with any one substance being ordered, but if you're planning to get graphene oxide powder, you've got to check on these issues.

Supplier Information

Of course, if your job is to gather the entire lab's research materials, you need to be aware of a budget. Looking for bargains on graphene oxide is challenging because you need to ensure that it's not expired or past the usual shelf life of the powder type that has been used. That's because the powder is generally used to raise polymer conductivity; it is less able to do that if it's old powder.

Supplier information will provide details which give you some idea of shelf life. The description itself should tell you, but if the supplier is another research lab or facility, you may want to avoid buying it. Sometimes facilities will sell off their excess powder at a steep discount, but without knowledge of how long it's been sitting there, it's not the best purchase option.

Information from and about the supplier is also important if you're considering foreign sellers. Lower prices are attractive, but if the powder packages must sit at the local post office until you come up with money for import taxes and other fees, the powder could be less effective than desired.

Ordering Errors

Making errors in your order can have many consequences. The wrong order could mean that researchers don't have enough powder to run their experiments or they have to delay their work until the order is corrected. That can affect presentations, classes, and other events. That's why you must take special care to order the right type, amount and volume of graphene oxide.

A rather common mistake is to order liquid oxide instead of the powder. Liquid is cheaper, and the budget-conscious mind of yours may believe you've found a great new price--only to see later that the researchers in your lab can't even use it. Researchers can make the liquid into powder, but your lab may not have the necessary equipment on hand to make that happen. Ensure that you're getting powder before clicking any order buttons.

Understanding how these issues affect the use of graphene oxide powder in your lab is important for ensuring your attention is acute during the ordering process. Discuss any purchases with researchers first for more suggestions.