In 2016, nearly $1.5 trillion worth of purchases were made online. With this trend likely to grow in the future, it's important to make sure that your brand develops a customer loyalty that allows you to compete with other e-commerce retailers. One way, in particular, that your business can increase customer loyalty is by using unique packaging. This is particularly true for customers looking to shop "green". These eco-conscious customers may just choose to buy from you again if you can help them achieve their environmental-friendly shopping aspirations.

Here are few ways to help your business custom ship e-commerce products items that are also friendly for the environment:

Type, Protection, and Font

When you send a box of your product to an online shopper, in a way, you're shipping your brand's image with box. From the type, protection, and color you use for your ecommerce products, you have the chance to make an impression on your customers that can increase their likelihood of shopping with you again.

Type: the biggest choice you'll need to make when planning your ecommerce shipments is what type of container to send your products in. Even if you send a variety of products with different shapes, sizes, and shipping needs, it's important to choose a container type that protects your products but also helps capture your brand's identity.

  • Plastic bags: plastic shipping envelopes or bags are a great option of items that can be squished and/or don't require immobilization. If you choose these plastic shipping products, make sure that they are recyclable and/or manufactured from recycled plastic products.

  • Cardboard: is most cost-effective options for most products. Furthermore, it's easy to find cardboard both manufactured from and

  • Re-usable bags: one of the hottest trends is using reusable bags to ship products. In a sense, this allows your customers to advertise your brand every time they reuse the bag.

Protection: the last thing you'll want is for your customers to receive broken or damaged items. Protecting your products can be achieved in a variety of eco-friendly ways.

  • Stuffing: from old newspapers, to recyclable packing peanuts, to inert gas pouches, stuffing your packages can prevent your products from shifting violently during the shipping process. Additionally, choose more stuffing that takes up more volume in your shipping container will help absorb the shock of falls and distribute weight more evenly.

  • Fixed: fixing your products in place is the best way to ensure that they are not broken in transit. Fixing can be achieved with simple bread ties, plastic zip-ties, and twin. Not only are these items cost-effective they are easy to find in eco-friendly forms.

  • Security: ensuring that your products are safe and not tampered with during the shipping process is paramount. Choosing a tape that firmly affixes to your shipping container is important. When choosing a tape you may want to consider customizing it with your brand's name or logo. You can also advertise your concerted effort to make the package eco-friendly by placing a recycling moniker on the tape.

Font: the font you choose for your package makes a statement to customers. Choosing unique font and arrangement can help you reinforce your brand's image with customers.

  • Integration: integrating your brand's logo into your shipping container's font scheme is a subtle way to convey your brand's identity to your customers.

  • Personalized: choosing a unique font can make your packaging seem more personalized. When customers believe their products have been personalized they can imbue the items with an emotional response that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

  • Variety: using a variety of sizes, colors, and font scripts like bold, italics, and underlined text creates even more customizable options for your shipping needs