Do you need to move all your things but don't have a truck or SUV? Renting a moving vehicle is a great idea to get the move taken care of quickly, and with a moving vehicle, you won't have to worry about getting large furniture pieces to the new living space safely. If you don't want to spend the money on professional movers and want to do the move on your own, renting a moving vehicle is the perfect option. If the thought of being behind the wheel of a large vehicle worries you, consider the following options.

Try a Moving Van

If the thought of driving a large moving truck makes you very uncomfortable, and you don't think that you can do it, try to find a mid-size truck or van at the facility. It will be worth it to take an extra trip if that's going to make you feel confident behind the wheel and prevent you from getting into an accident.

Make Sure You Have Insurance

If the vehicle rental place has an insurance option you can pay for, make sure that you get it to pay for any damages that could occur to the moving truck or other vehicle that you rent. You may want additional insurance through your renter's or homeowner's insurance plan for the items that you're moving in case there is an accident.

Package Wisely

If you worry your items are going to get damaged wobbling around or because they aren't packed perfectly, make sure that you get corrugated boxes to protect the items, along with tissue paper, bubble wrap, and anything else that will keep items safe. Wrap items that can get scratched so they don't get blemishes or damage, and try to eliminate empty spaces in boxes so the items don't have room to move around.

Moving the items in your living space doesn't have to be difficult, and you don't have to drive a long moving truck if you don't think you can. Instead, look at the smaller rental options you can get for the big day and get the move done with less stress. Make sure that you read the contract you have with the moving company so you know how much the vehicle is going to cost, when it has to be returned, and how much gas should be in it when you take it back to the lot.

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