Did you recently find out that you have to move in a hurry and relocate your family, and that you'll be downsizing? Instead of panicking and getting rid of things that you may have to buy again later on, you need to organize, be realistic about what you should keep, and get a storage unit. Here are a few things to consider when weighing the costs of a storage unit verses tossing some of the stuff, and what to do when you lease a unit.

Reasons to Store

There are many reasons why it's worth the cost to pay for a self-storage unit. Just a few of the instances may come up:

  • You have a teen that moves out and can use the furniture that doesn't fit in the new house
  • You aren't sure what sports equipment your younger children may want to use over the years
  • You don't want to get rid of any of your children's toys, memorabilia and other items
  • You want to save items for potential grandchildren
  • You aren't sure what pieces will fit and work in your new living space and what ones won't

Once you get into your living space and you see what items you're going to use, and what items you have room for, you can determine how long to keep the storage unit, or if you will need it. There many sizes available and the facility will most likely let you downsize if needed to save money.


Make sure that you have insurance included in the storage cost that you pay each month, or that you get additional storage insurance through your homeowner's insurance provider. This way your items are protected and you don't waste your time and money packing and storing everything during and after the move.

If you find that you packed and stored too much, or that you don't want some of the items that you brought, you can always have a garage sale or list them on the classified sites in your new area to make a profit. You would rather have items to get rid of instead of items that you need to go out and buy when you get to your new living location. If your family has been told that they need to uproot quickly and move, and you know you won't have the space you have now, start looking at self storage units in the new area.