If your bathroom is a space in your home that you are embarrassed to leave the door open to, it might be time to renovate, refresh and update it. Design a bathroom that will be the envy of everyone you know by turning it into your very own spa oasis. Even with the smallest of budgets, a bathroom makeover can be achieved, giving you a space you can escape and relax in.

Clean out

Before starting your bathroom makeover, it is necessary to clean it completely out. Go through every cabinet, drawer and container in the bathroom. Get rid of anything that is old, no longer needed or expired. Toss any old, faded or damaged towels or you can save these towels to use as rags. Once you have de-cluttered the bathroom, it is time to start cleaning it. Scrub walls, cabinets and floors, eliminating any mildew and dirt. Do not forget to wash any holders, baskets and décor you plan to keep in your bathroom.

Set the mood

Appeal to your sense of smell by adding a few aromatherapy components to your bathroom. Use lightly scented candles throughout the room or drop a few dabs of essential oil onto light bulbs. Because they do not need a holder, tealights are the best candles to use around the bath tub. The low light and soft glow from the candles, added to the scent the candles will throw into the air will create a spa atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing in a warm bath. Install a dimmer switch to give you more control of the light in the room.

Install a small CD player or dock for your iPod in the bathroom. Create a play list of soft, relaxing music, including soft piano or Tibetan bell sounds. Water machines or sounds of nature are a great way to set the mood and help you relax.

Heat things up

If you want to spend a little extra money, there are some projects and additions you can do to warm things up in the bathroom. Install a heated towel rack on the wall that will warm up your towels to keep you warm on a cool night. Heated floors are also a great addition to a bathroom that can help increase your home's value. If you do not have a lot of extra money to spend on these extras, try heating towels and bathmats in the dryer before taking a bath.

Plumbing accessories

There are plenty of plumbing accessories you can add to your bathroom that will turn an ordinary bathroom into a spa oasis. Install multiple shower heads to create a waterfall effect. For those who enjoy taking a bath now and then, install a tub with jets. If you are in need of assistance upgrading and installing new faucets and shower heads contact a local plumbing services St. Petersburg FL company.

Decor and accessories

Use natural looking materials, such as stones, teak and bamboo when decorating your new spa. Other spa-themed decor and accessories include towels made with Turkish cotton, over the tub caddy and shower seat. Use baskets to hold all of your bathroom necessities, while keeping them out of sight. Add some bath salts in jars, bottles of bubble bath and fresh flowers to soften the look of the room.

Take some time to revamp your bathroom and turn it into your very own spa. Make the space a place where you can envision yourself spending a lot of time relaxing and escaping from your day-to-day life. A few little changes today could make way for many nights relaxing in the tub reading a book and sipping some wine.